The Race

This Will Be Short!

It’s just about 6:00 A M.  I’m happy to say I made a few baby steps tonight. Organization finally came and I’m less fearful of ‘THE World’.  I drafted my first full Blog entry.  Maybe I just overcame writer’s block.  Maybe I can add  a stammering sentence or two.

It actually feels like I’ve run a race and finished it.  I don’t care at the moment who won.  I’m happy with I finished.  Progress, something everyone is probably familiar with.  I’m not.  I finished it!  Now I need to edit, upload, and publish.

And OH, I am very tired, not exhausted just tired.  And I need to improve my inverted time schedule.  I really do but, I can see it in the cards of rediscovery.


I’M in My New World

I am to be brave in My New World.  It’s only taken me a month to think this through, do that , read this , don’t hurry, revise and edit.

I’m ecstatic and I need to go to bed… It’s 615 am…………  Proud enough!